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$1 Promise

$1 Promise

College. Sounds like one word; but feels like so many more.  To some it’s reminiscent of nights turning into mornings at the library, to others it’s arranging the schedule to avoid Friday classes.  To some it’s about exploring your passions thru student involvement, to others it’s about exploring your passions through anatomy. And to some it’s about learning how the Continental Congress shaped our country, and to others it’s about learning the exact amount of torque (force) needed to flip your cup gracefully on a table. But to everyone it means the best four years of life.


Crooked Monkey was conceived of in our last year of school. Our college experiences framed the world we live in and the company we run. It has always been our goal to further college education, to promote it, and to sponsor it.


That’s where the $1 promise comes in. We have established the Crooked Monkey Cares $1 Promise Scholarship Fund.  For every 2 t-shirts sold online, we donate $1 to the fund, (some months we run special promotions to donate even more). Every year, we choose one lucky, qualified recipient to receive the scholarship for use at any college, or institution of higher learning that they desire. It’s that simple. 

We've chosen to give back to the American Community, because we feel that our generation is too quick to give abroad before looking at change we can inspire within our community. 


How it works:

Every two shirts that are purchased online, we donate $1 to the fund. At the end of the year that entire fund goes to one individual. The deadline for submission is May 15. The recipient is chosen June 1st. The individual receives the scholarship funds collected from September-September.

How you apply:

We’ll start promoting the contest in March, but here are the general rules. We’re a t-shirt company so we want you to be creative and fun with it. Get our attention--using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), the airwaves, climbing on top of the Statue of Liberty, or anyway else you find fit—to let us know why you deserve to be the $1 Promise recipient. In addition to the campaign to get our attention, please submit a resume (Whatever you sent to your colleges, nothing fancy) to us: .

How people win:

Winners will be selected based on creativity, impact and innovation. So have a fun time and get the word on the street.



Because this will be the first year of the $1 Promise, and because we’re starting to collect the funds May 1, 2012, we are still finalizing the details and will push out submissions of this year’s contest until late 2012 (Perhaps September/October).