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Crooked Monkey Family Portrait

On May 4, 2005 at the University of Maryland, a dream was realized. Two high school buddies set out to create their own clothing line—focusing on humor and vintage graphics. On that fateful night, Crooked Monkey was launched onto the scene at the local college bar. The response was tremendous and it was clear that they had a brand with which college students could identify. From that crazy, crazy night, Crooked Monkey took on its own shape and form and the company was no longer just another creation in fantasyland.

Crooked Monkey Launch Party


March of 2006, Crooked Monkey scored its first major contract with a department store, when Lord and Taylor decided to open its doors to the irreverent, yet tasteful Crooked Monkey humor. September of 2006 was the month that C monkey hit the newsstand, with its first appearance in GQ. The rest is history. Now, only six years after its launch, Crooked Monkey has been found at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Pacific Sunwear, Kitson, and over 500 other fine retailers across the world (including Japan, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia). It’s been spotted on Ryan Seacrest, Miley Cyrus, Glee (twice), Weeds, in Seventeen Magazine, and on people like you.



September of 2009 marked Crooked Monkey’s transition from a company that only sold funny t-shirts to a company that also sold funny t-shirts. Inspired to provide our fans and compatriots with more options, the graphic line—producing t-shirts that were cool, but not necessarily funny—was launched. Great success! Crooked Monkey continues to produce both types of t-shirts, so that the brand becomes the one stop shot for all awesome t-shirts.

Cupid's Cup Projection

November 2011 the website was relaunched to focus on the customer experience.

2015 was the year we opened up our custom apparel division - where we now supply organizations, non-profits, restaurants, multi-national brands with their apparel.  We produce, manufacter and/or design shirts apparel that people want to wear.  We like to say that we make corporate apparel less...corporate!

 We hope you like where we’ve come, and where we’re heading. Each t-shirt is branded with our Crooked Monkey on the back right shoulder; meaning there are over 750,000 of us Crooked Monkeys walking around with a monkey on our back. We want to hear more from you—so friend us, tweet us, email us—to let us know the amazing journeys that your Crooked Monkey t-shirts have been a part of (or created).