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Crooked Monkey T-shirts

  • Crooked Monkey t-shirts spotted on "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" and "How we Live" TV Shows

    Posted on March 17, 2015 by Micha

    Today was a fun day, as we heard from two TV shows (one a pilot and one in full production) asking for permission for a cast member to wear our t-shirts on air.  Coincidence?   We think not.  It looks like the producers of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawna and How We Live not only share a good taste in TV programming, but also warddrobe!

    The boys t-shirts they will be wearing on the TV shows are below!  Enjoy and let us know if you see them on TV.  Believe it or not, we actually don't have these t-shirts online (that's how fresh they are!)  If you're looking for them, please email us (sales at

    Brooklyn Silver Glasses Boys T-shirt

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  • Crooked Monkey Boys line launches at Bloomingdales

    Posted on March 4, 2014 by Micha

    Hello lovers of Crooked Monkey's T-shirts!

    We've got great news from HQ.  We are launching our exclusive boys line at Bloomingdales Stores across America!  They picked up four of our best selling designs.

    This is very exciting on many levels.

    1)We have always admired the Bloomindales retail stores, and are ecstatic that we will be carried by them.

    2)Our boys line hits the ground running!

    3)They have chosen to put us in their Spring mailer!  Hip hip hooray

    Crooked Monkey launches Boys line at Bloomingdales

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  • What should I wear?

    Posted on February 17, 2014 by Micha

    People always ask me, "Do you only wear your own t-shirts?"

    I like to respond to that question with either one of these retorts:

    1)Does Paul McCartney only listen to the Beatles music?  Of course not.

    2)Did Asa Candler (founder of Coca Cola) ever drink Pepsi?  Of course not.

    There is no wrong answer.

    But think for a second.  If you owned a t-shirt company, that you founded, labor over, and love creating, why would you not wear your shirts, all day every day?  Because if there's a shirt you wished you could make, you just make it.

    Not a sermon, just a thought.

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  • Anywhere Anytime

    Posted on June 19, 2012 by Micha

    Look what we spotted at the Phish Show in Atlantic City last weekend... One of our original classics, Anywhere, Anytime. 

    The Atlantic City Phish Show was a three day festival, so I'm going to guess that this t-shirt was worn for 72 hours of straight dancin, jivin, and groovin.

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  • Statute of Limitations

    Posted on June 7, 2012 by Micha

    How long is too long to wait to respond to an email?  Is it still OK to respond to an email 1 month after someone sends it?  6 months?  How about 3 years????

    I just got an email back from a store I had emailed in June of 2008.  And they JUST EMAILED ME BACK!  At some point, you have to assume that I've moved on, or whatever I needed, I probably no longer need.

    I'll give the guy credit, at least he recognized the predicament.  Email response below:

    "Hi Micha,
    Nothing like a 3 year old response to your email!  I just came across this email unread in the depths of my account.  "


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  • 4 years of college through C monkey t-shirts

    Posted on June 2, 2012 by Micha

    4 years ago my younger brother stepped foot onto the University of Maryland as a wide-eyed freshmen.  I was jealous--as he was about to embark on a new set of experiences that would define his future.  He was prepared--with a suitcase full of Crooked Monkey t-shirts.  Day one--he chose an original classic, our "My Roommate is gay" t-shirt.  That's the shirt that clothed him as he stepped into his dorm for the first time, and met his unsuspecting roommate.   They had a good laugh and became close friends.  Throughout the years my brother sported countless other tees, and became known as the dude with the greatest wardrobe on campus. People would come up to him to see what shirt he was wearing on any given day.


    As you can imagine, he's got loads of funny episodes with Crooked Monkey t-shirts.  One night out at the bars, the girl he was hanging out with made him turn his "No one's ugly after 2 am" shirt inside out as the clock struck 2 am.


    Last week was somewhat of a sad and nostalgic day for him.  He graduated.  So he pulled out the t-shirt that he was holding onto for exactly this occasion.  Our "Never Leave College" John Belushi tribute shirt.  That slogan was our company's original rallying cry. Having just left, we created this company to "Never Leave College."

    What a way to bookend college.  Way to live the dream.

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  • Avicii loves people who love Crooked Monkey

    Posted on May 15, 2012 by Micha

    So i was perusing Facebook and look what I found.  Two things: 1)A random dude wearing our DTF t-shirt and 2)Avicii standing next to our DTF t-shirt.  Both great things!


    Avicii and DTF were hanging out by the Georgetown Waterfront in Washington DC.  And the shirt was picked up at Universal Gear in DC--our newest retail location!

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  • Happy Monday

    Posted on May 7, 2012 by Micha

    Mondays are the hardest days, so we'd like to wish you a Happy Monday!



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  • Lessons from a holed up leader: Osama Bin Laden

    Posted on May 3, 2012 by Micha

    Allow me to write a non-t-shirt related post.  We are based in Washington DC, after all...

    There's been lots of stories coming out about Osama Bin Laden's time in hiding--how he hated Fox and loved MSNBC.  How he loved watching himself on TV and that he had no faith in Vice President Joe Biden.  The most important piece, which the newspapers have been reporting on, but not extrapolating on, is that he had no control over, and was very concerned with how disparate Al Qaeda had become.  While it's interesting that he did not like what Al Qaeda was doing in Iraq/Pakistan, it's more interesting that he had little control over them.  Even though he evaded American capture for 10 years, he had been reduced to little power.  Left to pigeon carriers and diaries, he had no way of leading Al Qaeda.  Two things to learn: A)Even though he was only killed last year, his fear of being caught overtook over his abilities to lead Al Qaeda and led to its demise. Isolating terrorists is as good as capturing them.  B)Leading in absentia is nearly impossible.  Bin Laden was restricted from meeting with his underlings, creating rifts in the organization.  Deprived of any contact with his deputies, he lost power over them.  Note to corporate leaders--stay above ground.

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  • Free Shipping on T-shirts

    Posted on May 3, 2012 by Micha

    One of the main reasons why I love Crooked Monkey's Website overhaul is now we get to offer our customers Free Shipping on t-shirts.  As long as you buy two shirts (of any type, and any price) you get free shipping.  Best part about it--No Promo Code Needed!

    We made it super simple, and super easy to get free shipping.  You could order two clearance t-shirts, for $30 and get free shipping.  Or you could order a New Awesome T-shirt and a clearance shirt, for $39 and get free shipping.  The options are endless, but the result is the same: Free Shipping!

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