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Corporate and Custom Designed T-shirts:

If you're looking to get spice up your tired Corporate wear, you've come to the right place.  Since Crooked Monkey is all about making the best t-shirts on the planet, we’ve recently started to work with restaurants, companies, charities, and other establishments to make their shirts wearable again! 


Our requirements:

  • Order must be at least 72 t-shirts.
  • You have to love the Crooked Monkey style, because we’re going to make your t-shirt look like one of our own (while incorporating your brand, of course)
  • Email us: and we can give you pricing and more details.


Success Stories:

In the Washington DC area we have worked with numerous restaurants, charities, and corporations. Instead of keeping with the regular, uninspired logo-wear, they've asked us to custom design fresh merchandise befitting of their brands--that their servers can wear and their fans can purchase.  Below are some pictures of custom t-shirts we’ve made for them.