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Crooked Monkey Wide Screen Shot


We know how much you hate paying for shipping charges, because we also shop online, and we hate paying for shipping.  So one day, we said, wait a second, if we don't like paying for shipping, and our cusotmers don't like it, why don't we hand out Free Shipping like it's Candy.


But we figured if we gave it out too easily, no one would appreciate the gesture--it'd be like giving it up on the first date.  Plus, we wanted to reward our customers that truly love Crooked Monkey so much that they'd buy two shirts.  So that's the rule, if you buy two Crooked Monkey t-shirts, you get Free US Domestic Postal service shipping.  Free Shipping does not apply to non-US territories, or to UPS shipping.


No Promo Code needed.  The promotion is automatic.  Buy at least two shirts, get free shipping.  Now go find those two or three or four shirts you were eying, and stop worrying about the Shipping Costs!  It's Free.