In the midst of this pandemic, we felt we needed to do our part to better protect the health of our communities. So we are now sourcing KN95, N95, and various other PPE products that will aid in your fight against COVID-19.

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Crooked Monkey PPE Supplies

As COVID-19 has made it’s away across our nation, it’s a bit like the wild west out there, and protective supplies have been hard to come by.

We are firm believers that in order to protect others, we must first protect ourselves, so PPE Supplies were a no brainer for us in how we could help fight the pandemic.

Though we are a custom apparel company, we knew we needed to adapt our business to better fit the needs of those in which we serve and to better protect you!

From the highest quality of N95 to the most basic of civilian disposable masks and gowns- Crooked Monkey has you covered!

Protective Face Masks

Dr. MFYAN KN95 Masks 

Our DRMFYAN KN95 masks are manufactured by Guangdong Zhizhen Biological Medicine Co Ltd. and are Appendix A authorized by the FDA under the Umbrella EUA for Non-NIOSH-Approved Disposable Filtering Facepiece Respirators

N95 Giko 1200H Face Masks

The GIKO 1200H is a Particulate N95 Respirator mask that meets CDC guidelines, is NIOSH approved and is authorized as a respirator under the FDA Emergency use authorization. 

Makrite N95 Face Masks

Our Makrite N95 is a Particulate N95 Respirator mask with filtration efficency aginst both solid and liquid aerosoles.. With a two strap design, this mask offers a secure seal and very close facial fit. 


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3 Ply: Level 1 Disposable Mask

Our Level 1 Disposable mask is made of a fine quality three-layer non-woven fiber fabric that is both soft and breathable. This particular mask is effective in resisting liquids, filtering particles and bacteria, and blocking dust and air pollution.

3 Ply: Level IIR Surgical Mask

This surgical mask has a >98% filtration efficiency and is  for medical grade use. The fit is extremely comfortable and features a wire nose piece that adheres to the face and maintains its shape even after hours of wear.


3 Ply: Disposable Civillian Mask

Although this mask is not suitable for medical use, it is perfect for the average civilian. It's flexible earloop design is nonirritating and allows for plenty of air flow  making for a comfortable yet secure fit. 

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Other PPE Supplies 

Face Shield 

 Our Face Shields are made of Food Grade Clear Plastic & provides a protective barrier directly infront of ones face. This item is perfect for combination use with any of our protective face mask products. 

Mycolio Disinfectant Wipe

Mycolio Wipes can be used to clean a widevariety of surfaces. These wipes deature a unique formulation of four active ingredients that work synergestically to create an unparallel broad spectrum disinfectant.

Nitrile Medical Gloves

Our Nitrile Medical Gloves are the perfect option for those with latex allergies or senitivity. They are powder free, and are resistant to oils, punctures, and corrosive chemicals.

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Level 2 Isolation Gowns 

Our Level 2 Isolation Gowns are made of a medium-weight Polypropylen Fabric and comes in a one size fits all. This gown protects against fluids under light to moderate pressured conditions and is a single use, disposable gown.

Gallon Hand Sanitizer Gel

Our hand sanitizer is made with 75% alcohol and effectively elimninates most pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. Because of its large size, this item is great for refilling dispensers, but also comes with a hand pump for taple top dispensing. 

Level 1 Isolation Gowns 

Our Level 1 Isolation Gowns are made of a light-weight Polypropylen Fabric and comes in a one size fits all. This gown is best used during basic patient care, standard isolation, and as cover gowns for visitors. 

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Reusable Cloth Face Masks

Crooked Monkey is now producing various styles of civilian face masks that will add a custom spin to your fight against COVID-19!

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Custom Wellness Kits 

We design custom care packages for your remote team members or customers to send them a little bit of love during these trying times.

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