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How can I pay for my shirt?  We accept payment by all credit card, PayPal, and google checkout. If you can’t pay thru those avenues, please contact us at or call us at (202) 540-0818 and we’ll figure something out.

Is it safe to enter my card number online? Our site is super safe, and encrypts all submitted information. You’ll notice that, at checkout, you’ll see “https” that “s” is because our site is extra secure. If you want to do the order over the phone, call us at (202) 540-0818.

Can I buy a Crooked Monkey shirt as a gift for my friend? Absolutely. We believe that Crooked Monkey shirts make the best gifts. We even allow you to put a special birthday/gift note in the package. At the checkout page, simply check the “gift” box option and you can type in a special note for your friend. When we send your friend a shirt, the pricing is not included in the package.

What if I don't know what shirt to get him/her?  We've got two solutions.  Check out our "Gifts" section where we break down t-shirts for this purpose.  And the second option is to pick up our Gift Cards

How much does shipping cost? US Domestic Shipping is free for two or­ more shirts. Otherwise standard shipping is only $5.

How much is international shipping? International shipping is a flat rate of $25. All international orders are shipped registered USPS, to make sure they actually get to you.

How long will my order take to arrive? We have most styles in stock so we’ll ship out your order out in 1-2 days. The Postal Service usually takes about 2-3 days and we ship from the great state of Maryland. If you need it faster, please ship UPS Next Day or 2nd Day, and we’ll get it out ASAP.

What if I want to return/exchange my t-shirt? Unworn/unwashed shirts can be exchanged free of charge within 180 Days! Please email if you want to return your order.

How soft are the t-shirts? Each of our shirts goes through a process of natural enzyme treatments to break down its cotton fibers and allow for a thinner, smoother feel. We call the resulting fabric Crooked Monkey Soft because it just feels like you’ve had it for years.

How are they fitted? Both guys and girls tees are cut in the slim-fitting style of the late 70's, tapered in all the right places to really make you look your best. The Girls shirts are extra long - so you can layer all your clothes real nicely - and slim fitting to accentuate your curves. Check out the sizing chart to see specific dimensions. The Guys shirts are slimmer fitting than your regular t-shirt – which makes you look and feel good.

How much do you give for t-shirt ideas? Send it to us at and if we produce it we'll give you $100 and your t-shirt!

Besides on the internet, where else can I find those awesome Crooked Monkey shirts? We’re sold in over 500 boutiques internationally. We’re also sold at some larger chains like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and Pacific Sunwear. If you think a local retailer should carry our shirts, tell them about us or give us their information and we’ll contact them.

I own a cool, hip boutique and I’d love to carry the Crooked Monkey brand, what do I do? We’re always excited about opening up new accounts. We’ll need some information from you to get started, so just email us at or call us at 240-482-8716 and we’ll set you up with an account representative.

I love wearing my Crooked Monkey shirt out and the paparazzi always take pictures of me, who can I send those pictures to? We have a whole section just for you. Email us your pictures at and we’ll make you famous. We’ll also give you a nice big discount on future orders.

Sign up for it here:


How often do you come out with new shirts? All the time-about new shirts eight a month. If you’d like to find out more about new designs, sign up for our list serve and be the first to know about new t-shirts, and get great discounts.

What are the details? The t-shirt club. Where you receive a Crooked Monkey t-shirt on the 15th of every month, for as long as you’d like. Keeps you lookin fresh to death. And instead of worrying about what awesome t-shirt to get next, you get to leave that to us and the nice Postal Man who will deliver you the shirts right to your doorstep.

How does it work? After you sign up for the T-shirt Club and let us know your t-shirt size, we’ll ship your first shirt out immediately (or if it’s for a gift we can start at the date of your choosing). Then just sit back and every month (or whatever frequency you choose) we’ll ship you one shirt. You only pay when you first submit the order-after that everything is free (including shipping)

How do I update my information? If you want to change your mailing address, your shirt size, or anything else, login to your account using your email address and password. Don’t know your password? Click here. Any other questions email us at

Is Shipping Included? Yes. Shipping is Free for all the t-shirts!

When do I get my first shirt? You get your first shirt immediately (or if it’s for a gift you can have it shipped on a later date). For any other special requests, please email us:

What if the first shirt didn’t fit? Email us and we’ll exchange the shirt for free and update your account for the future. We offer 1 free exchange. After that we’ll have to charge you for shipping.

Which shirt do I get? Allow us to pick your favorite t-shirts. We do all the work, you sit back and reap the benefits.

I have a super rad business, and we want you to make us some t-shirts. We can help. We can turn your uninspired, sandpaper-like t-shirts into clothing people will actually wear. Email us for more info:

Who do I call if I’m lonely and need to talk to someone? Of course you call us at Crooked Monkey and we’ll talk through your problems. We’re fastest over email: You can also call us at: (202) 540-0818. We have a mailing address too, but you’ll have to work a little harder for that information.