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T-shirts, aprons, workwear, headwear, backpacks, bags, outdoor wear, accessories, and many more options to choose from! You can upload your artwork, if you already have it, send it all to us and we’ll get back to you very soon!

We do bulk and rush orders, so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Crooked Monkey team!

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why choose crooked monkey?

mostly local

We Have Screen Printing And Embroidery Locations Throughout The Country – In Washington DC, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, And California  – So You Benefit From Quicker Turn-Around Times


Because We Run Our Own Branded Apparel Company With Retail Distribution Throughout The Country, We Will Ensure Your Custom Apparel Is Top-Notch And “Retail-Ready.” You Can Tap Into Our In-House Designers Or Just Lean On Our Design-Eye.


There’s 10,000 Different Apparel Options Out There, But Do You Really Need To Sift Through All That? We’re Constantly Testing Apparel Options – For Cost, Quality And Consistency – So You Don’t Have To.

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