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What type of items do you produce?

We can help with most branded items - all apparel and hats, backpacks, water bottles, lanyards, tumblers, enamel pins...
We love to create "retail-inspired" items to help elevate your brand. What does that mean? Reach out and we can brainstorm.


Where are your products made?

We offer products made everywhere on Earth. If you need US-made items, fret not, we offer 1000’s of them. If you need union-made also don’t worry, we can handle that.



What is turn around time for apparel items?

Our sandard apparel turnaorund is 10 days, but rush orders are always welcome. Though we prefer 48 hours notice, we have even produced items within 24 hours!


What is turn around time for promo items?

This varies on the type of items. Generally, promo items take 1-3 weeks, but a large amount of water bottles and other items can be done within a week.
Just let us know if you need promo items ASAP and we will let you know the items we can produce in that time.


Can you produce promo items rush?

Yes, we can do a large number of rush promo items. Some take as few as 3 days, but the majority take at least a week.



What is your minimum?

Embroidered items have a minimum of 24.

Screen printed apparel items typically have a minimum of 72.

Promo items have a varying minimum based on the product.


Are you able to help me with design?

Absolutely, design is how we differentiate ourselves!

We have three full time designers on staff. We do simple mock ups for free and we charge $65 an hour for in-depth design work (think creating a completely new logo or graphic).


What type of file do you need for my order?

Please send us Adobe Illustrator, EPS or Adobe PDF.


What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you’re happy with the final product so we’ll always find a solution.

We ask that all customers approve orders before they are produced. This means that customers will approve their print colors, graphic sizing, shirt sizes, and shirt styles. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure these aspects are correct. If the order is delivered and meets the final approved order, there will be no refund.

If the order is delivered with discrepancies from the final approved order, Of course we will make it right!


How do I know my shirt size?

If needed, we can send a measurement chart for almost all of our apparel items. We also have the expertise to tell you if something runs small, large or true to size.


Do you ship outside of
the US?

Yes of course! Please inquire for a quote.


Will I receive an order confirmation upon placing my order?

Yes, and before we go to print we check the artwork and make sure everything looks good. If anything looks off or if we have questions we reach out immediately.
We do not print without letting you know the order has been received and everything looks good


Can I order blank samples?

Yes, we offer free samples (up to $50 worth/order) so you can see the quality of the blank product in your hand before moving forward with an order. We encourage you to take us up on this offer.



What are your rush charges?

We try to avoid it, but this is our standard rate.
Less than:
5 business days is 15%
3 days is 25%
2 days is 35%


How is my price determined?

Screen printing and embroidery is based on: # of units , quality of garment, # of colors and # of sides.

The biggest determinant is the type/quality of garment. Then it’s # of sides we’re printing on.


What forms of payment does Crooked Monkey accept? (Check or Purchase Order).

We accept all major Credit Cards, ACH transfer and Checks.

We also allow Net 30 terms on a case-by-case basis.


How much extra is shipping?

Depends on the order, but it’s usually around $20/box. 72 t-shirts fit into a box.



Where are you located?

Denver, Las Vegas, Louisville, Nashville, Philadelphia and Washington DC. But we ship and print all across the country. Our facilities are spaced throughout the country to ensure that our turn around times are short for everyone.


How long has Crooked Monkey been making shirts?

Since 2005. We started with our own brand of graphic designed shirts that were carried in apparel stores throughout the country - Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, Saks and others. In 2014 we opened up our custom merchandise division where we bring that retail experience to your brand.


What are your hours of operation?

9-7 EST Monday through Friday.



Can you collect ordering information from customers or employees to distribute swag merchandise or kits?

Yes we can.  We would set up a Swag Shop with your products and branding, where your people can select the products they want, enter their shipping information, and then we would produce the items and ship directly to their doorsteps. We handle everything - the set up, adding the products, and all the ordering and shipping. 


Can we ship products on-demand?

Yes.  We can either produce and hold inventory at our warehouse or we can collect orders and then produce the items.  There are pros and cons to both, reach out for more info.  


What are the costs?

$500 covers our white-glove service - site creation, designing the products, and loading them into our system.



Do you have a warehouse to store branded merchandise

Yes we have two warehouses, in Ohio and Maryland.  We ship inventory within 24-48 hours.  And we can handle gift boxes, kitting, and international distribution. The experience is powered by our Swag Shops.


What are the costs?

$100/month, which covers up to 1 pallets worth of goods.  We do not charge for storage of kits that are produced and shipped out within a month.



Do you handle direct fulfillment and distribution to people’s homes?

Yes, the majority of our orders are now shipped directly from our warehouse to your customers’ or clients’ homes.


What are the costs?

We charge separately for shipping and fulfillment.  Our goal is to save you money, so reach out and we can see how we can keep costs down. [Insert the cost schedule]. 



How long does the whole process take?

We take care of everything.  A reorder takes about 4-5 weeks.  A new order takes about 8 weeks (including sampling and designing)


Who handles customs and any other complexities?

Crooked Monkey does.  We handle everything door-to-door (And also all the digital stuff!).

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