About Crooked Monkey

We set ourselves apart from other screen printers by going above and beyond and in bringing retail quality merchandise to your brand. We focus on perfection in design, logistics and customer service.

Beyond our screen printing and embroidery capabilities, we have relationships with factories throughout the world (yes the world) to bring your fully custom ideas to life.


In 2005, we began selling "f*ck duke" t-shirts out of our dorm at the univerity of maryland where my future wife bought our very first shirt. After being chased through the quad by the cops and getting tossed out of the dorms we launched our first line of retail shirts that summer.

Our apparel focused on funny shirts you could wear out of the house.  Later that year our shirts were picked up by the national jeans company and the following year by lord and taylor. From there our line got carried in urban outfitters, saks, bloomingdlaes and others.

In 2012, a local Washington DC restaurant asked us to design their logo and produce their t-shirts, and we were introduced to the world of custom merch for the first time. In 2016, we officially became a merch agency - where we combine design and merchandise -- and have yet to look back.

We have since opened up locations in Washington DC, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, and Philadelphia PA, so that we can serve communities all over the country with our quality custom merchandise and apparel.


Meet our team

Our team is not only knowledgeable, but always available to help our customers in any and every way. Would you like to get to know them a bit more? Check out our employee bios below for a little bit of information about our world class customer service team!


Micha is the founder and CEO of Crooked Monkey. In fact, he sold his very first t-shirt to the girl who became his wife, proving he understands the capabilities of a soft and well designed t-shirt. Micha believes in the power of the contrarian and that opposites are usually both right. He lives in Washington DC and finds a second home in NYC- spreading his love for t-shirts wherever he may go!


Matt specializes in wholesale, completely custom apparel, and bright new ideas to increase your brand awareness. He is a firm believer in giving people the benefit of the doubt and when given the oppurtunity- they will surprise you with their kindness! Fun fact about Matt - In his free time he enjoys woodworking, playing guitar... and can even play a bit of piano!


Ana works as the head of production and design with Crooked Monkey. She loves to spend her free time drawing and listening to acoustic or Latin dance music. Ana is a huge Disney fan (who isn't), and just last year achieved her lifelong dream of visiting Disney World! Fun fact: She is the only staff member who has met the entire Crooked Monkey team in person!



Jon is a true believer that being a positive, fair and good person will always brings you a better outcome in life, and for the rest… as Taylor Swift once said: Karma is a b*tch. After years of sailing the 7 seas and mastering hospitality, Jon began working remotely from his home country of Brazil. There, he enjoys the best of nature, while also developing apparel for US nonprofits and events like pride parades - which hold special meaning to him.


Valeria holds a strong value for hard work, but she is proudest of her personality and humor - you can catch her always making people laugh! Valeria spends her free time watching sports or diving into the pages of a really good book. Her specialty? Promo Items and Production! Valeria loves working with and supporting non-profits - especially those that support nature and the health of the oceans!


Kennedy specializes in all things text, and is a content writer for the Crooked Monkey Blog and website. She is a graduate from the University of Louisville and is extremely optimistic for what lies head. Some of her favorite things in life include reading, writing, and rainy days spent on the couch with her American Bull-Dog Jack. Kennedy strongly believes that whatever is meant to be in life, will be, but not without hard work! Her dream is to one day write a book, but for now she is taking life day by day and enjoying every single moment!!

Our team is all over the world!

But we are all here for you.


The work we do

We are a full service Merch Agency and we are dedicated to elevating your brand. Whether you need help creating the perfect custom design or elevating one you’ve already started, we have you covered! 

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