Employee Appreciation Services

Your all-in-one Employee Appreciation Swag platform. We're here to help you remind your employees just how much you care! Shop, store, and ship the highest quality custom swag anywhere in the world with just the click of a button. 

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Why choose Crooked Monkey Employee Appreciation Services?

We'll store all your custom gear, fill your swag kits, and handle all of the logistics! 

Save Time & Effort

Put your time and effort where it really matters, and leave the swag fufillment to us!

Ships Directly to Your Team

Why send swag anywhere else than directly to your employees?

Save Money

Shipping costs are reduced which means, yep you guessed it - savings for you!

Quick Turnarounds

Get your team their swag in a snap. As we receive the orders, we fulfill them - overnight if needed!

Our Employee Appreciation Services


Custom Swag Kits

Custom swag kits page

Crooked Monkey custom swag kits aren't just about giving a gift,  they're about telling the story of your brand.

The most exciting way to onboard new hires, show your team how much you care, and an effortless way to fuel connection with your team! 

You choose your swag, and we take care of all of the branding and logistics.

Great for...

  • New Employee Swag
  • Holidays
  • Company Anniversaries
  • For Event Atendees

Fulfillment & Drop Shipping

Fulfillment Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you have your own store or if we have to build it, Crooked Monkey has you covered with both fulfillment and web-based distribution services!

Whatever your situation, we have a solution, and were here to help you choose the best plan for your needs.

Great For...

  • Companies with Multiple Locations
  • Remote Team
  • Non-Profits
  • Brands without Storage Space
  • Inventory Closet
You order, we fulfill

You Order, We Fufill

Manage your inventory

Manage Your Inventory 

Distribute whenever

Distribute Whenever

Employee Appreciation Services are Great For 

Inventory Closet

Let us become your inventory closet! There's no longer a need for you to let your branded gear overtake your office coat closet. We’ll hold your swag and give you complete oversight to easily manage your inventory. Crooked Monkey will store all of your gear, fill all of your swag kits. and handle all of the logistics. 

New Employee Swag

It can be stressful onboarding new hires. Let us take the branded swag responsibility off your hands!

We'll take your merch directly from your inventory closet, package it up nicely in a branded box, and have it to your new employee's door before their first day!

Remote Team Swag

It can be hard to feel connected to your team while everyone is working remotely. Don't let a lack of connection lead to a decrease in morale. With our help, we can ensure everyone feels unified while decked out in your branded swag without you even lifting a finger.

Multiple Locations

Managing custom swag orders for multiple locations is just an added stress no one on your team needs.

Stay focused on your everyday responsibilities, and we'll take over your swag distribution.

That’s right, no extra emails or continuously reporting orders to any single person... Your managers fulfill the MOQ and we do the rest!

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