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Custom MiiR Drinkware

MiiR's premium stainless steel drinkware is designed to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature.

Whether you use it for your wine, coffee, or when going camping, MiiR is simply the sleek and elegant solution you have been looking for in custom promos.

This brand was founded in 2010 and offers intuitively functional products. In addition, with every purchase funds go to the Product to Project™ movement which consists of giving projects in the clean water, health and food areas. through a Give Code™.

All of MiiR’s premium drinkware can be customized with your logo or design and makes for that perfect promotional product your company is looking for.

IImagine your employees or the attendees of your event receiving a personalized MiiR tumbler, bottle or cup created with the highest quality possible, they won't be able to get enough!

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