The 2023 Crooked Monkey Catalog

What's included in the 2023 Crooked Monkey Catalog

The 2023 Crooked Monkey catalog was released at the very end of 2022, for the holiday period.

It very much showcases what we, Crooked Monkey, can do for your company and brand.

Introduced in the catalog are new concepts, products and capabilities. Crooked Monkey has expanded our warehouse capacity 4X, increased our team by 60% and also added some new premium brands such as HydroFlask and Bose.

Once again, we emphasise the importance of swag to unite teams and believe merch can bridge the physical world with the virtual one.

As ever, this catalog starts with the message: Let's get started making memories.

Included in the catalog are what we can do for new team members, including the ultimate unboxing experience, our annual holiday gift kits, Crooked Monkey's warehouse capabilities, and as ever, some of the custom premium brands we have available.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of the newer features of the company, that include the inventory closet and e-stores.

Of course, there are also the basics, how Crooked Monkey can help with design and our cut and sew capabilities to assist with full decoration and full creativity.

There are also some winter swag options, in case you need to work from the Alps, and some brainstorming for ready-made kits.

Further on in the 2023 catalog we have some ideas for employee appreciation gifts, plus how to brand a whole retreat.

There are also some retail brands, such as Swell, Hydroflask, Marine Layer and The North Face.

Towards the end of the catalog, Crooked Monkey details some of the tech items we have available as well as our USA made gear and how best to order in the lead-up to the holidays.

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